Assault With Intent to Commit Sexual Penetration

Tacoma Assault With Intent to Commit Sexual Penetration

Washington’s laws deal very seriously with sex crimes. This category of crimes may include not only those specifically defined by state law as “sex offenses,” but also alleged criminal acts with a sexual motivation and attempts to commit a sex offense. Some states define “assault with intent to commit sexual penetration” as a specific offense. While Washington does not define any sex offenses with this particular name, prosecutors may allege that an act of assault involved an intent to commit a further sex offense. Prosecutors might also claim that a defendant charged with criminal attempt had a sexual motivation. If you are facing charges that could be connected to a sex offense, you need the assistance of a Washington sex crimes defense attorney who understands Washington criminal laws. We will help you defend your rights, evaluate the evidence the state has against you, and fight to protect your interests in court.

Washington Sex Crimes Involving Penetration

Numerous sex offenses defined by Washington law require the state to prove that “sexual intercourse” occurred. As defined by the criminal code, this term has its usual meaning, but also includes any penetration of a person’s genitals or anus by another person, including with the use of a foreign object. The state could cite any of these offenses in alleging that a defendant intended to commit sexual penetration, either through an attempt to commit a sex offense or an assault with sexual motivation.

Criminal Attempt

A person who intends to commit a crime and takes a “substantial step” towards actually committing that crime is guilty of “criminal attempt” under Washington law. In most cases, an attempt offense is classified as one offense level below the allegedly attempted crime; therefore, an attempt to commit a class A felony is punishable as a class B felony, and so forth. Several exceptions apply for attempts to commit serious offenses, including rape and rape of a child. These attempt offenses are punishable as class A felonies.

Criminal Assault

Washington law defines “assault” to include a wide range of acts, all of which involve an actual physical attack on a person or conduct that places a person in reasonable fear of an imminent attack. An assault charge could allege an attack with sexual motivation. State law defines assault in the second degree, a class B felony, in part as an assault “with intent to commit a felony.” This could possibly include the intent to commit any sex offense classified as a felony.

Beginning with an accusation of a criminal act, and continuing through the police’s investigation, the state’s criminal charge, the trial, and in the event of a conviction or any post-conviction proceedings, individuals have rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Local, state, and federal law protects these rights, and an experienced Washington criminal defense lawyer can help you keep these rights secure. Timothy L. Healy has defended people in sex crimes cases since 1995, practicing in courts throughout Washington, including Tacoma and Pierce County. Contact us today online or at (888) 312-3093 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.