Criminal Defense Legal Services

The Law Office of Timothy L. Healy defends clients against all types of criminal charges in Pierce County and throughout Western Washington. Our firm achieves astounding results for clients charged with serious crimes through tenacious preparation and very persuasive trial skills.  This is the criminal defense office that the prosecutor's office knows will be the most prepared and the most difficult to prevail over at trial.  The results speak for themselves.

Call: 253-201-0406 to arrange a free case evaluation with one of the most successful criminal defense trial lawyers in the entire Northwest.  Learn how we maximize your chances of having the charges dismissed, obtaining a not guilty verdict or avoiding jail time altogether.

For more than 15 years, we have represented people charged with state and federal offenses in the following areas:

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Being accused of sexual impropriety  (rape, molestation, etc.) or domestic assault will likely impact your personal life, your family, your professional life and your community life. An attorney who is specifically skilled in successfully handling to particularly complicated and challenging issues surrounding allegations of sexual impropriety can help protect you against them as he crafts his defense on your behalf.

Criminal law is what we do. Our commitment is to provide clients in the lower Puget Sound with fierce, thorough and tenacious defense. When your freedom is at stake, results matter. Our proven track record shows that we get results. Contact us now.  Very few, if any, criminal trial attorneys can match Mr. Healy's astounding acquittal rates by juries over the past 15 years.  In fact, he has lost only 1 trial in the past 8 years and less than 5 in the past 15 years.  See his amazing results under the results tab.

Call us at 253-201-0406 to begin getting the help you need now. Dismissal is our number one priority. Mr. Healy has managed to get a surprising number of cases dismissed outright prior to trial.  In addition to our regular weekly hours, we are available to meet evenings and weekends.