Rape Defense

If you are under investigation for criminal charges in Tacoma, or anywhere in Western Washington, and have been accused of rape,  you do not need to be told how serious these charges are. A consultation with an experienced rape defense attorney is essential. I offer a 24-hour hotline to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Claims of rape and other sex crimes can be difficult to defend. The evidence involved is often limited and based on a “he said-she said” scenario. This means that the character of both the victim and the accused are important to the case, as well as any prior history between the victim and accused. Rape and related charges carry shame and stigma, and in the public eye a defendant is often considered guilty regardless of what the evidence says. When facing these serious charges, representation by a Tacoma rape defense lawyer with significant experience in these types of claims is crucial.

Rape Defense

There are many forms of rape. Most familiar to many in society is the image of date rape, where an acquaintance is told “no” but forcibly persists in having sexual intercourse with the victim. Rape can also take place in a marital relationship, between strangers, or in the case of an adult and a minor. Washington no longer has a crime called “statutory rape,” but does have rape of a child in the third degree, which is defined as sexual intercourse with another who is between 14 and 16 years old, not married to the perpetrator, where the perpetrator is at least four years older than the victim. Unlike other rape charges, in any case involving rape of a child, consent is not a defense.

Rape charges and other sex crimes often depend upon DNA evidence and other forensic evidence. DNA evidence can be very important – and damaging – to a case. However, frequently crime scenes are not properly analyzed and preserved by law enforcement. DNA evidence is not foolproof and can be challenged by an experienced attorney and expert witnesses.

Numerous other forms of sexual conduct are crimes under Washington law, and as felonies can carry heavy penalties.

Conviction of serious sex crimes, such as rape, means registration on Washington’s sex crime offender database. Other lesser forms of sexual misconduct, including indecent exposure, prostitution and solicitation, or other lewd acts may not carry the prospect of significant jail time, but can still be very damaging to one’s family, career and reputation. The handling of any case involving allegations of sexual misconduct, and in particular rape,  is a delicate matter which must be handled with discretion by the defense attorney. As a skilled sex crimes defense attorney successfully defended many individuals charged with rape, child molestation, and other forms of sexual misconduct in Tacoma and throughout Western Washington, I know how life-altering these charges can be, and I understands the many techniques for raising a reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors who may be predisposed to convict the defendant.

If you have been charged with rape or another sex crime, you must act quickly to defend yourself. Call the Law Office of Timothy L. Healy today for a free consultation or contact us online.