Sexual Abuse Defense

Fighting allegations of sexual abuse in the State of Washington requires the counsel of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. I have successfully defended numerous clients against the often baseless and devastating charges of sexual abuse. I am committed to providing you with the highest quality legal representation in western Washington.

Sexual Abuse of Children and Adults

Sexual abuse refers to the persuasion or coercion of any person to engage in unwanted sexual conduct. While many adults continue to be victims of sexual abuse, either through domestic violence or abusive relationships, the majority of sex abuse cases focus on children. Mental health professionals and child welfare advocates insist that sexual abuse usually begins at an early age and persists in repeating itself through a cycle of violence. The legal definition of sexual abuse includes a wide variety of conduct involving the use, inducement, or even the assistance of another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct. The simulation or production of any visual depiction of such conduct also qualifies. Other examples of sexual abuse include:

Sexual Abuse Charges under Washington Law

Overcoming allegations of sexual abuse requires the expertise of a legal professional. These charges can result in felony convictions that are punished severely under Washington’s “determinate-plus” sentencing system. This system requires convicted sex offenders to request release after serving a minimum sentence determined by the court. If their request is denied, they may have to serve more time in prison. Sex offenders suffer significantly longer sentences than other convicted felons and are required to register as sex offenders in a published database.

Beyond the prison time and registration requirements, the public humiliation and stigma associated with the conviction severely limit the individual’s ability to live and work. Sadly, many of these defendants have had their lives ruined by baseless charges they could have fought.

Sexual Abuse Charges Based on Lies and Coercion

Many high-profile cases reveal the predatory and prejudicial nature of securing sexual abuse convictions. Recently, a star high school quarterback was released after serving a 10-year sentence when his accuser admitted she had lied. This young man is one of the many innocent people accused of a heinous crime out of confusion, coercion, or revenge. Victims often misidentify the perpetrator and feel pressured to stick with their choice, even if it means sending the wrong person to jail.

Estranged spouses and significant others sometimes use the charge as a means to punish their partners or to gain leverage in the relationship. Parents and police may also coerce children into making baseless accusations, many of which are beyond the child’s capacity to understand. The use of suggestive questioning and “recovered memory” often results in fabricated confessions that are taken as truth. Although based on lies and third-party coercion, erroneous sexual abuse convictions have nevertheless ruined the lives of innocent people.

Defend Yourself Against Sexual Abuse Charges

If you have been accused of sexual abuse, contact an experienced sex crimes attorney in Tacoma. For over 15 years, I have successfully defended innocent parties against false accusations of abuse. I am a seasoned litigator who closely analyzes the facts and exposes the hidden motives behind every prosecution. Using the best experts, I reveal the questionable memory techniques and improper coaching often used on a child. I also have extensive experience defending clients against domestic abuse charges brought by angry spouses to gain leverage in divorce and custody battles. I have obtained not-guilty verdicts and dismissals of charges in numerous cases throughout Washington. A former U.S. Marine, I am dedicated to fighting for your rights and providing you with quality representation. Call (253) 201-0406 today for a confidential consultation, or contact us online.