Sexual Misconduct / Lewd Acts Defense

Charges of sexual misconduct, even if only a misdemeanor, can have a major impact on a person’s life. If you face sexual misconduct or lewd act charges, contact the skilled sexual misconduct attorney in Tacoma, Timothy L. Healy for a thorough, aggressive defense.

A Sexual Misconduct Attorney Can Protect Your Interests

Punishment for acts of sexual misconduct can vary, depending on the circumstances, and often includes a monetary fine and minor jail time. Psychological counseling or treatment may also be required. In some circumstances, sexual misconduct can result in sex offender registration. In all circumstances, an arrest or conviction for this type of offense brings with it severe shame and stigma, and can impact professional licenses, employment prospects, and interpersonal relationships. When arrested or charged with any act of sexual misconduct, it is important not to give a statement to police without first consulting a sexual misconduct defense attorney.

Because of the significant impact even misdemeanor sexual misconduct convictions can have, obtaining the counsel of a sexual misconduct defense attorney in Tacoma is imperative. I have over 15 years of experience defending those accused of crimes, and a particular emphasis on crimes of a sexual nature. I understand the evidentiary issues that can often point out holes the prosecution’s case, and how best to present a defense to a Washington state judge or jury. In addition, I can advise you on how to manage any publicity, and how to handle personal affairs at work and at home in a way that mitigates the impact of these embarrassing charges. When preserving your good name is at stake, call us at (253) 201-0406 or contact us online for a free confidential consultation.

Being Arrested For Sexual Misconduct Can Hurt You

Sexual misconduct and lewd act regulations cover lesser forms of sexual conduct considered improper by society. Often these forms of conduct are addressed by local regulations. However, some of this conduct is proscribed by state law, including laws against prostitution and indecent exposure. While some of these crimes have no real victim, simply being arrested or investigated for violating a sexual misconduct law can be very detrimental.

Various forms of conduct fall within local lewd act and sexual misconduct regulations. While much of this conduct is harmless, it is still treated as a misdemeanor. Among the types of acts that fall within these regulations is exposure of the anus or genitalia, fondling of breasts or genitalia, masturbation, simulated sexual acts, or other sexual acts or touching. Though these acts are perfectly legal between consenting adults in private, they become subject to regulation when they occur in a public place.

Indecent exposure is prohibited by state law, and is defined as intentionally making an open and obscene exposure of one’s person that is likely to cause alarm in another. While this offense is a misdemeanor, for a repeat offender it can rise to the level of a felony. Prostitution and patronizing or soliciting a prostitute are also misdemeanor offenses regulated by the state. Pimping and pandering are called promotion and advancement of prostitution in Washington, and are felonies that can result in more serious fines and jail time.